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Welcome to Journey Club's Home School Hub!

Welcome to Journey HSH, where we provide online home school services for parents who wish to home school their children.  We operate under the home school law that allows parents to be recognized as their child's teacher.  If you're a parent that wishes to home school their child(ren) don't worry, Journey HSH has taken all of the guess work out of the home schooling process.  Join us on your home school journey and become a part of our home school community.  Contact us today for additional information.  Open Enrollment year round!

"They make Home Schooling feel like You don't have to go it alone" ​     Kim. B.

Your not on this Home School Journey alone!

Some of the services we provide or assist with is structure, grading system, official transcripts, electives, curriculum kits, community support, recommendations for home school tax benefits, course formatting, syllabus, curriculum for K-12 and so much more!  One of our main goals is to provide parents with the working tools to ease the home school process for themselves and their children alike!

We are most certainly here for you!

Journey HSH allows the focus to go to your family and their quality of life.  Journey puts the control back in your hands while giving you the flexibility your family needs.

Sign up now and began your home school journey with us!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Private schools would never work and public schools do not fit...

"but Journey is suited perfectly for our family"     Z. Martinez

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