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Here at Journey Club, we offer the best programs for you and your children.  We have several programs to select from.  We offer After-School Care, a Pre-K Enrichment Program, Summer Camp, Lego Robotics, Art Club, VBS,  and much more!  Sign up now for the up-coming June-Aug 2021' Summer Camp.  Open enrollment now!

*Call now and schedule a consult*  (843) 304-0930

Our Mission

Provide quality care for your children in an atmosphere that is fun and stimulating while being conducive to building positive relationships with their peers.

Our Story

Journey Club is a family owned and operated business.

Our Journey Part1

This is my story of how Journey Club came to be.  There are times in life when we have the opportunity to take lemons and make lemonade.  This was mine!  I was blessed to be an at home mom.  However, as my children got older and went to school, I began to question if I should join the work force again.

Our Journey Part 2

But what I realized was my children still needed me before and after school and what was I to do about the summer???  As I prayed for an answer, it then dawned on me, I had done child-care before and loved it!

Our Journey Part 3

I knew the opportunity to do something with which I had a passion just came forth.  I felt gifted to create stimulating activities and clubs that children would enjoy!

Our Journey Part 4

Now the missing piece to my puzzle was found!!  Journey Club had been discovered!  Now, with Journey Club, my children along with yours can Journey together.  I wanted to create a solution and share the same opportunity of a safe, nurturing environment that my children were fortunate to have, with other families, to be a part of our Journey family!  Come join us at Journey Club!

Open Enrollment​!

Phone: (843)-304-0930


Business Hrs:  Mon - Fri. 8am. - 6pm.     Sat. Closed    Sun. Closed

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